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Book: The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman

Feel free to read her book, The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman. Book reviews on Testimonials page.


Fentanyl death laced with regret: When you don’t get to say I love you

September 4, 2018
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–by Britt Santowski [SPN], all photos from Doug Brown The last time he saw his son alive, they were having an argument. It was a typical fight, like all the others they’ve ever had before. Dad laid down the law Continue reading

How property taxes are calculated

Pixabay image by Alexander Stein licensed CC0 from https://pixabay.com/en/home-money-euro-coin-coins-167734/
–Britt Santowski, SPN Wanna do some math? As announced on January 2 on SPN, property values from BC Assessment have been mailed out. In most cases, property tax values are up. In Sooke, property values are up an average of 17%; Continue reading

Sooke PacketNews bought by offshore investors


Sooke PacketNews has been bought by offshore investors, said creator and former owner Britt Santowski. “I won’t say how much money has been paid, but I will say that I’m off on a long glamping vacation with the family,” giggled Continue reading

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Motorcycle column

If you have committed to whipping down the windy country roads without the protective encasing of a metal cage (e.g. a car), then you really owe it to yourself to understand the nature of any beasts that may cross your path of travel. No one really plans to hit them. And inevitably someone does. You […]