Here are my main traits or characteristics (anyone can learn a skill, it’s who you are that determines fit and compatibility). I am:

  • Honest and upfront, sometimes excruciatingly so
  • Direct though tactful. The exact opposite of passive aggressive: you will never have to guess what’s on my mind
  • A life-long learner, who seeks growth and challenge
  • Imperfect, and when I make mistakes, I will both own it and learn from it
  • OK with being imperfect
  • Unconcerned with hierarchy (not to be confused with protocol).
  • Introvert (recharge in my own space) and yet still fully capable of networking, interacting, socializing, etc (sort of like being right handed but still capable of operating the left hand)
  • Smart, funny and hardworking

I need purpose, I prefer shared success to individual accolades, and I don’t like gossip (if I can’t say it to your face, I won’t say it behind your back).