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A successful marketing medium

I recently organized a very successful Sooke Job Fair. I used the Sooke PocketNews to market this event, and I believe doing so contributed to the success of this event.

I also found Britt to be very professional and competent in helping me quickly decide which type of marketing tool would be best suited for my needs.

Barb McLean
WorkLink Employment

New to Sooke, this is an excellent community resource. So good, I’m taking out an ad!

I was fortunate to discover Sooke PocketNews even before I took possession of my new home and had moved here.

I googled Sooke and found SPN quite by chance but, once I did I spent hours researching my wonderful new town through Britt’s stories, articles and archives…all concisely and clearly written. No matter what I googled I seemed to be consistently led back to SPN…an excellence source for a newcomer.

Now that I’ve been here for awhile I find myself relying on SPN for current road and weather conditions, the latest town council news, local advertising, upcoming events, road closures etc…it’s an invaluable site.

I found my new photographer on SPN, he suggested another business contact and on it goes. I feel as if I’ve plunged full force into my new life in Sooke with a wealth of information thanks to Sooke PocketNews.

Thank you so much for making my life easier.

My own business ad will start soon and I’m quite confident that I’ve chosen wisely in placing my advertising with SPN.

Gunny Tennese, RE/MAX
Sooke, BC

Perfectly designed ad, well-placed for effective impact

By now you have heard the news that SFRS Community Thrift Shop has won a BC Hydro Community Champion prize of $10,000. This was a true community effort as the result were directly related to the number of votes our entry received. Perhaps you are not aware of your part in the process? The advertisement to encourage participation was perfectly designed and placed to have an effective impact in getting our community engaged to support us. You did a great job!


Nicky Logins
Executive Director
Sooke Family Resource Society
100- 6672 Wadams Way, Sooke, BC, V9Z 0H3
250-642-5152 Ext. 224

“Best value for our advertising dollar”

I just wanted to Thank You for this wonderful opportunity to advertise in your amazing on line news source, Sooke PocketNews!  We have seen a great influx of new Guests to our salon and spa here at Pure Elements since we started advertising with you.  You are always so helpful and supportive with us non technical clients, and I appreciate that.

I know your paper has given my business the best value for our advertising dollar.  Keep up the great work with your news, You are truly talented at what you do.

-Gwen Fisher, Pure Elements Hair design and body works ltd.

“Wonderful to work with … great exposure”

It is such a pleasure advertising with Sooke PocketNews. Britt is wonderful to work with and makes the adjustments I need in a super timely fashion. I think I am getting great exposure with the Sooke Pocket News!

-Alanda Carver, Sooke Yoga

“Provides … well-written, brief, and clear updates”

I have been reminded of and able to locate many of the retailers in Sooke from your advertisements in the Daily Sooke PocketNews digest. Being from Metchosin I don’t get to meet face-to-face with members of your community so this news bulletin provides me with a well-written, brief, and clear update of the events of Sooke and a listing of your advertisements. I was even able to follow our local election candidates in this manner. Thank-you!

Dr. Marie-Térèse Little,
President and Chief Consultant,
4th Dimension Biomedical Research Communications
Metchosin, BC

“Best thing that has happened in Sooke”

I love your publication. Best thing that has happened in Sooke.


“I like your attitude”

I want to let you know I think you are far ahead of the [Sooke print paper]…I never see local jobs posted there, I like your attitude, public opinion, being up to date rather than just Wednesdays….Good on you, Britt…Keep it up!


“You are a great asset to this community”

You are a great asset to this community. I really like your professional yet grounded work ethic. You get news out there very well scripted and detailed. Easy to read and access.


“Sooke’s most trusted”

I enjoy SPN daily on facebook and at the website. Sooke’s most trusted news. Local, relevant and timely.

-Kim P

The best way” to “stay in touch”

Having moved from Sooke a few years ago, I still like to stay in touch with what is happening in my former community and this is the best way!

-Christopher N.

“Love love love it”

Love love love it, very informative . Job well done.

-April M.

“Delighted reading”

Let nobody take away my my my my delighted reading of Sooke PocketNews. Absolutely solid reporting, interesting articles, and nice ads. I have yet to see the equal of Britt Santowski’s reporting in Sooke. Striaghtforward, wonderful journalism. Thanks, Britt. 

– Carol W.

Lost without it!

“I would be lost without your posts like this.”


Testimonial from Arthur Black

To Whom It May Concern:

I am an old fart who rides a motor scooter whenever the weather permits. I am also a graduate of the Vancouver Island Safety Council M/C riders course — and a big fan of Britt Santowski’s motorcycle safety column which used to run in the Victoria Times-Colonist newspaper. Ms. Santowski is a former Chief Instructor with the VISC and I found her columns both astute and pithy. The lady knows her stuff and she can write too. There’s a growing number of Farts both young and old out here who are taking up two-wheeled, motorized transportation. We could all benefit from a regular dose of Santowski’s wit and wisdom.

Arthur Black
(Yeah, THAT Arthur Black)

Editorial Reviews of The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman


New Book Provides Women With Formula For Unstoppable Success

Britt Santowski is the voice of the new Unstoppable Woman. Bridging the gap between women of the past and present, from women who were victims to women who are successful and empowered, Santowski uses her personal story and that of many other successful women, along with practical examples, inspirational stories, and a good dose of shrewd common sense to enlighten women about the requirements for success. “The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman” is that book women have long awaited-a surefire guide to finding the required balance in life that leads both to goal-achievement and happiness.

Having experienced violence and abuse, and having seen it in the lives of the women around her, Santowski makes a strong point early in the book that while violence exists in our world, women cannot accept the role of “victim.” Santowski has no problem taking on what does not work for women. While education is fine, she points out the educational system’s limits, and she provides practical ways for women to determine what is the right goal, field of study, or career for them by exploring their passions and natural inclinations rather than doing what other people or society at large expects is best for them.

At the heart of “The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman” is the invaluable point that women need to support one another. Santowski encourages women, once they know where they want to go in life, to collaborate with each other rather than simply envy one another. She teaches women to transform their envy into the fuel to ignite their dreams. “Envy is not a bad-news indicator that reflects something awful about you. Rather, it is a great-news indicator, telling you that you too can achieve this particular aspiration. All you have to do is to step out of your comfort zone and start moving toward it.”

One of my favorite sections of “The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman” was the discussion of forming mastermind groups with like-minded women. While I have heard of mastermind groups before, I appreciated Santowski’s simple guidelines for creating such circles, based on her own experiences participating and forming mastermind groups. As a male reader, I felt this information and so much more in the book was directly relevant to my own desires and goals, so I did not let the book’s title stop me from absorbing all the priceless information included.

Another favorite piece of advice I found was Santowski’s statement that we need to change “if” to “when” in terms of what we desire. We need to assume something we want will happen and then imagine and plan for it. I especially appreciated her example in this case because she helped one of her male clients believe he would receive custody of his child, a situation that did become a “when” not an “if” and it illustrates that Santowski is understanding of men, rather than seeing them as the enemy. She makes a point of saying that she did truly believe in this particular situation that the child would be better off with the father. There is no man-bashing (or woman-bashing) in this book, but rather a sense that people can work together, regardless of sex or background, to make what they want into reality.

Throughout the book, Santowski provides “Call to Action” sections to challenge the reader toward becoming unstoppable. The end of the book is filled with several excellent appendices, not just the usual list of references, but also inspirational quotes from such women as Eleanor Roosevelt and Helen Keller. My favorite appendix is the “Famous Failures” section that illustrates how people (men included) like Walt Disney, Betty Grable, Joan of Arc, and Benjamin Franklin, might have experienced perceived failure but still succeeded. As Santowski points out, failure only really happens when you give up. Everything else is merely a setback.

So, what are the Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman? I’m not giving anything away by stating that they are Accountability, Collaboration, and Initiative. It’s learning how to apply those strategies that makes this book worth reading. Let Britt Santowski teach you, male or female, how to become unstoppable.

Tyler R. Tichelaar holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from Northern Michigan University and a Ph.D. from Western Michigan University. His family’s long relationship with Upper Michigan and his avid interest in genealogy inspired Dr. Tichelaar to write his Marquette Trilogy: Iron Pioneers, The Queen City, and Superior Heritage. Dr. Tichelaar is also a professional book reviewer and editor. For more information about Tyler R. –Best Book Reviews Online, September 26, 2001

Other Reviews:

Title: The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman Author: Britt Santowski Publisher Aviva Date: 2010 Britt Santowski’s book The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman is a solid “awaken you to your life” kind of book. Santowski’s premise to kick the reader into gear is to focus on three basic strategies: Accountability, Collaboration, and Initiative. Following her basic blueprint for change set forth in the The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman, the reader move toward achievable realistic personal goals and figure out how to truly grow and take the hard steps that result in real lasting change. Filled with useful exercises for achieving clarity, tips for success, and a call to action after every instructional objective, this is a good book to help you make the break through you have been trying to find that propels you to the next level of your personal and professional success. Santowski’s book is a good book for anyone seeking to dig down within them self for the empowerment they know is necessary to reach the next level of personal growth and development. Get out of your comfort zone, do the real work it takes to change, and use The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman to achieve your individual aspirations. The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman should be in the hands of every young woman entering college, graduate school or the professional world. This book has so many good nuggets that you will want to savor it with your book club, women’s group, or professional networking organization. Brit Santowski’s book should be required reading for young people. While targeted toward women, this book has universal appeal. The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman is a must read. –MyWritingMentor’s Blog

The Three Strategies Of The Unstoppable Woman is an informative and inspirational e-book written by author, consultant and coach Britt Santowski. This one-of-a-kind e-book will help you create a solid mindset and build an unshakable confidence that you need to achieve your goals and turn your dreams into reality. The Three Strategies Of The Unstoppable Woman focuses on accountability, collaboration and initiative. You’ll learn how incorporating, developing and strengthening these 3 key concepts can make you an unstoppable and extremely successful businesswoman!

The Three Strategies Of The Unstoppable Woman by Britt Santowski is full of thought-provoking insights that will help you achieve balance, success and happiness in life.


Britt Santowski is a leading authority on the subject of strong and successful women. This book conveys her undeniable passion and knowledge. Britt connects with her readers unlike anyone I have ever known. Let her show you how to become unstoppable using the three strategies that are sure to change your life forever! – Malika L. Anderson

Kudos to Britt Santowski. She offers a fresh perspective on strategies for living your best life and a framework of practical Calls to Action that will inspire you to dig deep and connect with the unstoppable woman you can be. – Jane L. Thilo –Digital Products Database

The Three Strategies of the Unstoppable Woman These three strategies are the blueprint to any woman’s entrepreneurial, self-driven success. Accountability. Collaboration. Initiative. Learn the three solid foundational strategies upon which all subsequent learning can be structured. –Shop Leathers and More