Royal Roads University, Transforming Destinations 503

Class 2022 Morning Class

Class 2022 Afternoon Class

Class 2019/2020

The following Powerpoint presentations were given by four master level student teams in the Transforming Destinations 503 class at Royal Roads University, Colwood B.C. Reports were also provided to show a deeper analysis and to provide the references that were used. The presentations were intended to be given to the elected official of the District of Sooke in April 2020, but COVID-19 had other plans.

The presentations were launched based on the information provided in this Sooke Baseline Study (pdf) prepared for this class and for the District of Sooke to use at their discretion.

Team 1: Transportation

Analysis of the Transportation System in Sooke BC

Our team’s primary purpose was to observe the current transportation issues and provide a recommended solution to the municipality of the Sooke to support their goals for economic development, environmental sustainability, and sustainable transportation at a local and regional level.

Team Members: Amit, Daniel, Gourab, Katherine and Manik

Read the pdf report here.

Team 2: Housing

Sooke’s Housing, Challenges and Opportunities

This presentation and paper will next present Sooke’s demographics and analyze how they influence the housing needs of the municipality.

Team Members: Devesh, Ishandeep, Justin, Scott, and Zoom

Read the pdf report here.

Team 3: Arts and Recreation

Destination Evaluation of Arts/Culture, Recreation in the Sooke Municipality

This report represents our findings and proposals regarding the Arts, Culture, and Recreation component in Sooke. These are key findings and suggestions that come as a result of a day-trip acting as tourists in Sooke. “During this trip, we used observational research to notice any limitations that may be hindering Sooke’s development, paired with insightful interviews from locals and employees in Sooke’s tourism field.”

Team members: Ada, Deepa, Kartik and Szilvia

Read the pdf report here.

Team 4: Health and Wellness

Improving Health & Wellness in Sooke

The purpose of this summary report is to provide a SWOT analysis of Health and Wellness in Sooke and explain possible applications of the opportunities from this analysis. Improving the life quality of Sooke community is the final aim. Explanations of opportunities to reach this aim will be explained in detail in this report.

Team members Kay, Faye, Justice, Mandeep, Shariq, Abhinav

Read the pdf report here.

Class 2018

The following the video are the Powerpoint presentations were given by five master level student teams in the Transforming Destinations 503 class at Royal Roads University, Colwood B.C. The presentations were made to various districts and municipalities in the greater West Shore area (Vancouver Island). The presentations were made before their client groups on the evening of November 27, 2018, at the beautiful Hatley Castle on the Royal Roads campus.

Instructors: Dr. Brian White and Britt Santowski

Team 1: CRD

“Our task as a team was to investigate the supply and demand of regional parks for the Capital Regional district. Tonight’s presentation will be  about 10 minutes and provide an overview of how we believe the changing demographics will effect the demand on parks currently situated in the West Shore.”

Team: Charles, Piyush D, Rehan, Rob, Summer, Yaya

Click to view/download the Powerpoint presentation (Google Docs)

Team 2: Metchosin

“The project will focus on improving and expanding the Metchosin’s farmers market by creating better experience, attracting more people and encouraging more vendors”

Team: Meghan, Mariel, Lydia, Fiona, Natasha

Click to view/download the Powerpoint presentation (Google Docs)

Team 3: Sooke

Sooke has great potential for tourism development. After examining sustainable development, this presentation looks at  sustainable development in Sooke and the three issues standing preventing its development. Five recommendations are made.

Team: Arnel, Donneil, Grace, Md, Serena

Click to view/download the Powerpoint presentation (Google Docs)

Team 4: Colwood

“This Trail Rating & Park Classification System is intended to communicate the characteristics of each of the City’s parks and trails and educate users on the nature of each park.  It is the intention that this document will encourage and motivate the city’s citizens to take a more active and physical role in their lifestyles, leading to a healthy and happy community.  It is also the intention of the document to market the city’s parks and trails to the wider populace and drive tourism through the use of the parks and trails.”

Team: Sugandh, Nova, Rohit, Helen, Giovanni

Click to view/download the Powerpoint presentation (Google Docs)

Team 5: Langford

A look at “Connectivity of new parks and trails in south Langford.”

Team: Adithya, Liang, Nelly, Piyush P, Tian

Click to view/download the Powerpoint presentation (Google Docs)