Communications Officer Position at UVic

Please accept the following as a part of my pre-interview submission for consideration of the Communications Officer with the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Victoria:

An article you have written that demonstrates your ability to explain a specialized, complex subject to a general audience, preferably one that involves science, technology, engineering or mathematics 

  • How property taxes are calculated This article, authored by Britt Santowski, goes into significant detail of how a municipality determines a Mil Rate, used for calculating annual property taxes. The article includes a downloadable excel spreadsheet that allows readers to plug in their own numbers.

A description and sample of your use of social media platforms for a strategic outcome

  • Sooke PocketNews leans heavily on social media, as both a “portal” or gateway to the news on SPN (where our advertisers live) and as a means of streaming live information. (Note, numbers were extracted on February 2, 2019, at 6:44 p.m.)
    • SPN on Facebook:
      • Liked by 3,906; followed by 3,949
      • 31 January – 6 February
      • Post reach: 14,742 People reached
      • Post engagement: 8,396
    • SPN on Twitter
      • Followed by 5,419
      • Streamed information captured on the SPN Traffic page
      • Streamed information captured on the SPN Weather page
      • Streamed information captured in the columns of all SPN pages
      • Streamed in select articles
    • Youtube
      • SPN embeds Youtube videos in articles. We use publicly provided embed codes. A comprehensive list of embedded videos published on SPN is online, here. The videos listed on this page are videos produced by me, Britt Santowski.
  • The use of social media is integral to the success of Sooke PocketNews. Every single article is posted on the website, and promoted as a link on Facebook and Twitter. SPN also publishes a daily newsletter, which is a third portal or gateway to SPN, available to subscribers.

A story that you consider a favourite or one that you had to overcome significant obstacles to produce, and explain the reason for your selection


Documents you created that related to developing and implementing a communications plan

  • Business Plan for the starting of Sooke PocketNews (links to a pdf on Google Docs). This document was created in 2014 and completed in 2015, and was used to obtaining financing for my entrepreneurial enterprise, the founding of Sooke PocketNews. This Plan has been the anchor document that continues to inform the shape and direction of Sooke PocketNews. It includes communication strategies, marketing strategies, interviews, financial projects and more. Please note that this is a CONFIDENTIAL document.